7,000+ PIeces Sold in 30 days

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Do you ever find yourself buying a comfortable pair of shorts while having it look really bad? Or having to buy a pair of shorts that look so good but incredibly uncomfortable?

Look no further as Bottoms Lab brings you shorts that are perfectly comfortable without losing its style because they understand the struggles of finding the perfect pair of shorts that’s stylish and comfortable!

Designed and engineered in Australia, Bottoms Lab is founded by a pair of brothers who are currently living in Australia.
With passion to find balance between timeless fashion and comfort, Bottoms Lab aims to serve everyone with clothes that makes them look good and feel even better. 

As of now, their first flagship are the Momentum Shorts; whether you are looking for a pair that looks good or one that is comfortable for any situation! You don’t have to compromise one thing for the other! The Momentum shorts alone have proven to be just that with 7,000+ pieces sold in 1 month so far with overwhelming positive reviews. 

Made to match Australian qualities, the Momentum Shorts are made from the finest quality of a unique cotton blend of material. Their Dynamic Flex™ material is perfect for any day’s activity by maximizing the short’s stretchability, durability and flexibility. 

With it’s light and bi-component material, the shorts are ultra breathable while at the same time provides UV protection. Despite the shorts having all sorts of materials to cater to it’s features, it makes the shorts highly durable and easy to dry.
5 Pockets
Dynamic Stretch Waistband

Even with its style and comfort, the shorts do not lack functionality. Comes with 5 pockets for all your needs on the go. It also complements for a flat front design with 100% stretchable waistband; Dynamic Stretch™ waistband. Not to mention, it includes a YKK zip so rest assured that it will stay perfectly fine for a very long time.

The team is currently working on their next flagship product so stay tuned by following their socials ! With style and comfort in mind, Bottoms Lab will continue to come up with more products that serve to be both stylish and comfortable. 

They are currently extending their promotion for RM69 per piece (RRP RM89) of Momentum Shorts when you purchase their DUO PACK that comes with a free pair of Journey Socks (worth RM18.90).

For purchase or more information, please visit https://bottomslab.com/