3 Outfit Mistakes That'll Decrease Your Image Value (And What To Do Instead)

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To put it bluntly, style matters. But what about comfort?


The items you wear are more than just clothes, they are the first thing people see before you say hello, smile or make eye contact. What you wear sends different messages to different people. It is appropriate to dress appropriately in order to achieve your desired outcome at the workplace, social setting and of course with that special someone. With that in mind, we're here to share with you 3 simple outfit mistakes to avoid and what to do instead.


1. Dressing with the size that suits your body.

A show of hands of how many of you guys buy clothes off the rack based on the usual S, M , L, XL and the likes? Now how many of you have been using a similar approach with pants and are still rocking the exact same waist line for all your slacks, jeans, joggers and the likes? Certain types of pants can really bring out the best in you when you size down or size up appropriately. It is important to know the setting and the type of look you're going for, too loose of a fit and you could look unkempt, too tight and it could make it look like you're trying too hard.

“Perfect pants fit: Hang Dhamin looking sharp in his Bottoms Lab Momentum Pants. ”


2. Colour choices and how to plan for it.

Most of us have our go-to colours, these are colours which we naturally fill our closet with. Over time, it can look a little similar. In fact for many guys we usually have many blacks and darker colours for our pants as it just pretty much works with everything. Some of us might actually look great in other lighter shades of gray or even khaki but buying new clothes is an investment and it can be tough to decide. Black works for pretty much everyone, as does colours on the darker spectrum like dark blue or dark grey, feel free to experiment with other dark shades like dark green and you'd be surprised by how much that little change of colour can do for your outlook. In fact, Bottoms Lab has an array of eye-catching colours to choose from like the aforementioned dark green pictured below.

Bottoms Lab has an array of eye-catching colours to choose from.



3. Style or function?

There is a saying, beauty is pain. For the most part it's true, some people would like to wear stylish clothes all the time but it just might not be comfortable for others. Some of us prefer to shop for comfort and forego style altogether. It's a broad space, but sometimes you really can have it all. In fact there are options out there which look great and feel just as good.

Introducing the 30" Momentum Long Pants by Bottoms Lab, you can be sure to look your absolute best thanks to their tailored fit with Dynamic flex technology which results in ultra stretchy and highly durable pants. Not to mention it comes with 5 deep functional pockets and versatile design so you can finally have both Style and Function without having to compromise. They also come in a Bundle Pack consisting of 2 pairs of 30" Momentum Long Pants which saves you RM49.


Style up now and never have to compromise on looking your best, with Bottoms Lab.


Written By Joshua John